Miro’s InsideArt launches on Foxtel Arts on Monday September 4 at 7.30pm

InsideArt launches on Foxtel Arts on Monday September 4 at 7.30pm

Lewis Miller portrait of Allan Mitelman

Lewis Miller’s Archibald-winning portrait of his friend, the artist Allan Mitelman

The Australian arts program InsideArt, premieres on Foxtel from September 4.

InsideArt has had unprecedented access to many leading artists, sculptors, printmakers and photographers, gallerists and directors here in Australia and overseas.

InsideArt has been in production since 2012 launching originally on Channel 31 Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and was voted Best Arts Program on Australian Community TV in 2014. read more

New release for Ethics Videos

Three new one-hour Ethics Video productions for peak law body

Miro Films has completed a further three online videos/DVDs for the Law Institute of Victoria for its Ethics Video collection.
This years production includes three separate DVDs-the general Ethics Videos joined by a special production for Corporate Lawyers and Government lawyers.

Each year the Law Institute takes thousands of calls from lawyers across the state, the regions, the cities, and the suburbs with questions on ethical conduct.

How should they handle a situation? What should they do here? There can be many areas of ethical conduct for lawyers which can’t be answered definitively. Rather the Law Institute, provides callers with simple logical solutions and advice to help them with what can be sometimes very troubling and difficult problems. read more

National Living Treasures inks publishing deal

The National Living Treasures project is now well under way with the announcement that Scribe Books will be publishing the book for the Christmas season of 2017.

The National Living Treasures began life nearly 20 years ago as a National Trust of Australia project with a public vote via Fairfax newspapers and has been updated twice since then. 2017 will signal the 20th Anniversary of the National Living Treasures and the book of the same name will be published to coincide with that birthday by Scribe Books. read more

Miro launches new ART Bubbles project on InsideArt.tv

Miro Films has launched a new series of video shorts – ARTBubbles – on the InsideArt.tv website.

ARTBubbles title screen

The new series will be produced in 3-5minute segments and will be uploaded weekly on InsideArt. The new program will showcase leading Australian artists talking freely and unfiltered about their work, their life and their passions. It’s art from the artists’ perspective.

ARTBubbles will be written, directed and produced by Michel Lawrence. read more

Miro begins major video project: National Living Treasures.

Miro Films Director Michel Lawrence is working with Producer Melinda Williams on a large-scale combined video and photography project, Australia’s National Living Treasures.

In 1997 the NSW office of The National Trust of Australia called for nominations from the public for 100 Australian Living Treasures.

The only stipulation was that the nominees had to have made outstanding contributions to Australian society in any field of human endeavour and was the brainchild of the then Trustee Michael Ball the former advertising agency principal. read more