Law Institute taps Miro Films for Educational Videos

Miro Films has just completed a slate of 4 major productions for The Law Institute of Victoria in a major revamp of the Institute’s online and hard copy educational video program.

Nahum Mushin #3

Professor Nahum Mushin is one of the featured panellists on the new CPD video on legal ethics for the Law Institute of Victoria.

The Law Institute of Victoria tapped Miro Films for the new educational videos because of its great heritage in the  arts and education documentary field. read more

New Art Education Videos from Miro Films

Miro Films has just announced the latest release in the art education videos designed for secondary and tertiary art students.

The Miro Art Education Video series now contains 12 DVDs covering areas included in the schools’ curriculum.

The new art education videos will be available as DVDs and downloads for the 2016 academic year.

The new art education videos include titles:  Artists’ Studios, Women in Art, and two documentaries, Perceptions of Space and A Life in Pixels and Grain. read more

Bernie Teague’s Brilliant Career

Bernard Teague, AO, was a trailblazer. The first Victorian solicitor to be appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Justice Teague proved all the nay-sayers wrong. He was a judge for more than 20 years presiding over more than 90 murder trials.

Bernard Teague portrait
Portrait of Bernard Teague AO by Lewis Miller.

To honour that achievement his fellow judge, Justice Emilios Kyrou approached the Law Institute of Victoria to organise a portrait to be painted and hung at the LIV’s Bourke St offices. Something which is commonplace in the courts of judges, but not for solicitors. read more

InsideArt New Educational Videos

The popular schools art series, The InsideArt Educational Video offering, has just been updated with four new releases for the 2016 school year. The new titles include:

  • Women in Art
  • Artists’ Studios
  • Perceptions of Space
  • Imhoff: a life of Grain and Pixels

This brings the InsideArt video collection to 12. The educational videos designed for secondary and tertiary art students  features top Australian artists and gallerists in rare and candid interviews.

The DVDs provide unparalleled access to artists, helping educators to develop key links between art theory and art practice. This allows students to visit – via video –  the most remarkable artists’ studios, medieval bronze foundries, working historic art printing presses and talk with the directors of Australia’s most important art galleries. It’s a first-hand, insider’s view of art as it’s made, marketed and exhibited. read more

Legal Ethics Documentary tackles the difficult issues

Miro Films has just completed a 70-minute Legal Ethics Documentary for the peak law body, The Law Institute of Victoria.

Each year the Law Institute takes thousands of calls from lawyers across the state, the regions, the cities, and the suburbs with questions on ethical conduct.

How should they handle a situation? What should they do here? There can be many areas of ethical conduct for lawyers which can’t be answered definitively. Rather the Law Institute, provides callers with simple logical solutions and advice to help them with what can be sometimes very troubling and difficult problems. read more

Meet Mr Front Page!

Bruce Postle portrait by Michel Lawrence
Bruce Postle portrait by Michel Lawrence

Bruce Postle was arguably Australia’s greatest newspaper photographer of the 20th Century.

He covered news, sport, major events, and international stars. Anything and everything the editors of the Brisbane Courier Mail and later The Age sent him to.

Nicknamed ‘Mr Front Page’ by his peers for the regular appearance of his pictures on the front page of the The Age, Bruce was known for his never ending search for photos that were different to the oithers. Bruce always had an idea for his pictures and many of them took years before he was able to actually take them. read more