The National Living Treasures project is now well under way with the announcement that Scribe Books will be publishing the book for the Christmas season of 2017.

The National Living Treasures began life nearly 20 years ago as a National Trust of Australia project with a public vote via Fairfax newspapers and has been updated twice since then. 2017 will signal the 20th Anniversary of the National Living Treasures and the book of the same name will be published to coincide with that birthday by Scribe Books.

Photographer/Filmmaker/Director Michel Lawrence is working with business partner Melinda Williams who is writing the biographical notes and producing the project.

With progress now established with more than 40 portraits and video interviews inn the can, a preview video has been made to provide a creative view of the projects progress.

Michel Lawrence who has photographed and filmed the project has also created the preview video.

Among the featured Treasures are polymath Barry Jones, trainer Gai Waterhouse, choreographer Graeme Murphy, Aboriginal leader Mick Dodson, Olympic champion Kieran Perkins, businesswoman Janet Holmes a Court, author Thomas Keneally and artist/cartoonist Michael Leunig. Just to name a few!


Its a star studded list of Australians who had a go and made a difference.

The National Living Treasures is going to be a great celebration of 100 Great Australians.

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